When the New Year Means ‘New’

What if your business model called for reinvention every year? How would you plan for it? Staff for it? Fund it?

How would you even conceive such a model?

CS Week recognized years ago that providing superior customer engagement educational opportunities for utility professionals in a fast-changing business environment means not only providing solid current content, but staying ahead of the curve. It requires strategic contacts within the industry and an ear for nuance, need and visionary goals.

Developing a superior educational environment capable of serving multiple professional levels also requires vision backed up by the freshest data on what prospective attendees need and expect.

Each year, hundreds of participant surveys are scoured for strengths, requests and needs, as well as opportunities to improve. These responses are a treasure trove of ideas freely shared and strategically analyzed, giving direction and valuable content to the upcoming year.

Each new CS Week also brings dozens of new prospective speakers who have submitted workshop proposals on new projects or significant changes in approaches and solutions to challenges that developed at their utilities.

CS Week 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina, expands on last year’s benchmarking efforts with the results finalized as you read this. Todd Arnold and Mark Wyatt, retired senior executives from Duke Energy, are dynamic additions to CS Week as venue executives with Todd responsible for CS Week Executive Summit, and Mark heading benchmarking and surveys for CS Week Research.

What do you do with big data resources? How about cloud outsourcing services? What about the security challenges your utility faces every day? How do you offset risk?

You might feel as though CS Week isn’t the only one constantly reinventing itself, but we work with utilities to provide and exceed what you ask for, and it’s all presented by the finest utility speakers we know. We also tap the expertise of CS Week sponsors and exhibitors for an even more complete annual education.

As one of our favorite speakers recently said, “We don’t do ‘canned.’ The content at CS Week is always ‘fresh.'”

I look forward to welcoming you April 27 through May 1 to CS Week 2015 and Conference 39 in Charlotte. Visit www.csweek.org for more information.

Rod Litke   Rod Litke, CEO, CS Week
For more information, please visit www.csweek.org

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