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Securing smart grid supply chains with a zero trust mindset

Where connectivity is everywhere and many systems can be vital, a successful cyberattack against the power grid could severely disrupt power-dependent critical or essential infrastructure and services including traffic lights and cameras, public transportation, hospitals, water systems, manufacturing, data centers, etc.

Cyber threats: A perfect storm approaching the utilities sector

With utilities undergoing innovation and digital transformation, now more than ever, we need to be vigilant. Many cyber criminals are using the rapid pace of technological change to create new attack vectors, posing a significant risk to the overall infrastructure.
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EU unveils revamp of cybersecurity rules days after hack

The European Union unveiled Wednesday plans to revamp the 27-nation bloc’s dated cybersecurity rules, just days after data on a new coronavirus vaccine was unlawfully accessed in a hack attack on the European Medicines...
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Trilliant and Gemserv partner on cybersecurity and data protection

By Nicholas Nhede Gemserv Ltd and Trilliant have partnered to provide enhanced security assurance for Trilliant Head-End Software deployments. With products and service platforms now becoming fully connected, Gemserv has stepped in as a leader in...

Hack against US is ‘grave’ threat, cybersecurity agency says

A group led by CEOs in the electric power industry said it held a “situational awareness call” earlier this week to help electric companies and public power utilities identify whether the compromise posed a threat to their networks.

SCE says fundamental changes to power grid design and architecture are needed

Key changes for SCE include recognizing the increasing diversity of different regions' needs and moving from uniform grid architectures to more region-specific, modular grid designs. According to Reimagining the Grid, a new white paper published by Southern...

Cybersecurity firm FireEye says it was hacked by nation state

By FRANK BAJAK and MATT O'BRIEN Associated Press BOSTON (AP) — Prominent U.S. cybersecurity firm FireEye said Tuesday that foreign government hackers with “world-class capabilities” broke into its network and stole offensive tools it uses...

TODAY and Friday! December DISTRIBUTECH + sessions look at cybersecurity and data privacy

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, in the first six months of 2020 there were more cyberattacks than in all of 2019. That’s according to a recent study by CrowdStrike, who attributes most of...

Safeguarding smart meters as cyberthreats surge

Cyberattacks, especially at the IoT device-level, have risen sharply in the last year, and the rollout of smart meters only gives criminals a greater number of potential breach points. While smart meters transmit their data to deliver convenience and efficiency, they also open the door to potential threats.

Jacobs to take equity stake in PA Consulting in a deal worth $2.4B

Power and infrastructure engineering and services firm Jacobs is acquiring PA Consulting to form a partnership focused on next-gen technologies in tackling climate change and other coming societal challenges. Dallas-based Jacobs is involved the engineering,...