Abengoa Solar starts up 50 MW parabolic trough solar power plant

Seville, Spain, May 5, 2010 — Abengoa Solar has initiated commercial operation of Solnova 1, the new parabolic trough technology plant located at the Solàƒºcar Platform, following the successful completion of the operation and production testing conducted over the course of three days.

During this phase, plant performance matched theoretical electrical power generation design, thereby validating the tremendous potential of parabolic trough solar power technology.

The Solnova 1 plant incorporates parabolic trough technology developed by Abengoa Solar and has integrated design enhancements. Worthy of special mention is the Abengoa Solar-developed ASTRàƒËœ parabolic trough collector that ensures far superior precision thanks to its design and exclusive process of construction and alignment.

The accumulative experience gained by Abengoa Solar through its trough pilot plant built in 2007, the use of a motor-driven start-up station, and the expertise of highly specialized technical personnel dedicated to optical alignment, collector manufacturing and process optimization proved to be key factors in the successful start-up of Solnova 1, a plant built by Abener.

Santiago Seage, CEO of Abengoa Solar, emphasized that reaching theoretical design capacity during production testing constitutes a milestone. “Our technological progress and accumulative expertise have enabled us to reach our goals much sooner than we had anticipated. We will use this experience in the two 280 MW CSP plants planned for the United States in Arizona and California,” he added.

With its 50 MW of power, the new Solnova 1 solar station will generate enough renewable energy to meet the electricity needs of 25,700 homes, while preventing the emission of about 31,400 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

Solnova 1 is made up of around 980 000 square feet (300,000 square meters) of mirrors that cover an area totaling about 280 acres (115 hectares).

The plant employs technology that concentrates solar radiation onto a heat-absorbing pipe inside of which flows a liquid that reaches high temperatures. This fluid transfers its energy to the water vapor that reaches a turbo-generator, where it expands to produce electricity.

Abengoa Solar focuses its activity on the development and application of technology for generating electrical power with the sun.

Abengoa is a technology company that applies innovative solutions for sustainability in the infrastructure, environmental, and energy sectors. Abengoa is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and is present in more than seventy countries, where the company operates through its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction.


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