Alstom partners with BrightSource Energy on solar power

Paris, March 31, 2011 — Alstom has decided to invest $75 million in BrightSource Energy, Inc. This further reinforces Alstom’s partnership with BrightSource, following Alstom’s $55 million initial investment in the company in May 2010 and the partnership agreement signed in August 2010 to provide fully integrated solar thermal power plants.

Alstom and BrightSource are partnering in countries, such as the Mediterranean ring and Africa, where solar conditions best suit BrightSource’s tower technology and where Alstom has a track record in engineering and construction of power plants.

Alstom’s expertise in steam turbine technology together with its integrated power plant solutions will complement BrightSource’s solar technology to offer highly efficient solar thermal power plants.

In October 2010 BrightSource Energy began construction of its Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in San Bernardino County, California. The 392 MW gross Ivanpah project is the world’s largest solar power plant under construction.


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