Alstom to supply 207 MW power generation unit to Salamonde dam in Portugal

Paris, June 15, 2011 — Alstom, in consortium with Portuguese engineering company Ensulmeci, has been awarded a contract by Portuguese utility Energias de Portugal to supply and install a new power generation unit at the Salamonde dam in Portugal.

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, worth more than $78 million in total, Alstom will supply and install the entire unit, consisting of one 207 MW Francis reversible pump turbine, a 244 MVA motor-generator, butterfly valve and other hydromechanical equipment, and mechanical and electrical balance of plant.

Salamonde’s existing units, for which Alstom supplied part of the hydropower equipment and carried out a retrofit of the generators during the 1980s, was installed in the 1950s and has an output of 2 x 21 MW. The commissioning of unit 3 in 2015 will bring total power output of the Salamonde dam up to 250 MW.

Pumped storage is an efficient and flexible form of storing electricity on a large scale, enabling utilities to respond quickly to demand and replacing the fossil fuels traditionally used during peak demand periods with renewable carbon-free energy.


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