Alstom upgrades onshore wind turbine to boost wind energy yield

Alstom announced an upgrade of its 3 MW onshore ECO 100 Platform at the EWEA 2013 Annual Event in Vienna.

To maximize available wind resources and further reduce wind power‘s cost of energy, Alstom is upgrading the ECO 110 turbine, currently designed for medium (Class II-A) wind sites, to a medium and high winds (IEC Class II-A, and IS Class) turbine.

The ECO 122 turbine, currently suitable for Class III sites, is being upgraded to medium and low winds (IEC Class III-A, and II B Class) turbine. This upgrade increases the net capacity factor to up to 48 percent for both turbines.

With rotor diameters of 100 meters, 110 meters and 122-meters, Alstom’s ECO 100 Platform wind turbines offer a high yield and outstanding efficiency across all wind classes.

Alstom provides common spare parts, standardized operation and maintenance procedures for the whole site, allowing a lower cost of energy in a wide range of wind projects.

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