Alstom wind turbine technology to provide 80 MW to France

Paris, October 26, 2010 — Alstom and EDP Renewables announced the signature of the Provisional Acceptance Certificate of the Le Mee wind farm in La Region Centre, France, beginning of October 2010.

Le Mee wind farm is the third to be commissioned in less than a year in the region Centre (France), using Alstom‘s latest 3 MW ECO 100 wind turbine technology.

The 18 MW farm consists of six 3 MW Alstom ECO 100 wind turbines. Under the terms of the contract, Alstom delivered, installed and commissioned the turbines and is responsible for their operation and maintenance for the next two years.

Two other ECO 100 wind farms; Le Vieux Moulin (6 X ECO 100) and La Vallàƒ©e du Moulin (10 X ECO 100), have been successfully commissioned by Alstom in France, and a fourth, named Piàƒ¨ces de Vigne (5 X ECO 100), is under construction.

At the end of the year, Alstom will have installed and commissioned 27 ECO 100 wind turbines for EDPR in the region Centre, providing more than 80 MW, the equivalent of about 50 000 households, the size of a city like Orleans.

The French government plans to generate up to 23 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Wind power generation will be one of the major forms of renewable energy power to be developed.

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