Alvin Snaper joins Capstone International Corp.

SARDIS, BC, Aug. 8, 2003 – Capstone International Corp. announced that it has signed an agreement with inventor Alvin Snaper under which Snaper will chair the CITC Advisory Board and lead Capstones’ Green Energy Power Generation program.

Capstone International Corp. has acquired exclusive Ownership and Patent rights subject to a Royalty Agreement with Alvin Snaper for the PROPLESS WIND POWER GENERATOR (PWPG), A WIND ENERGY TURBINE that does not utilize a propeller.

The technology is based on a scientific principle, not previously utilized in the wind energy area.

Kevin M. Murphy, Director of CITC, stated “…this ground-breaking technology will allow Capstone to access multi-billion dollar markets for Hi-rise commercial and residential buildings currently inaccessible to the prop-turbine wind generation units. We will be able to turn apartments buildings, hotels, office towers, or any buildings that meet our criteria, into self-sustaining energy units with the capability to sell the surplus power to the commercial power grids. First National Power is already in discussions with eager domestic owners of these specific types of structures and has international inquiries requesting information about licensing the Capstone PWPG units for use in their countries. The prospects for Capstone and its shareholders through our association with an inventor of the caliber of Snaper are exceptional. The CITC acquisition of PWPG fits with our previously announced First National Power acquisition and CITC’s corporate goal which we have titled GREEN ENERGY POWER GENERATION.”

About Alvin Snaper

Prior to joining Capstone, Alvin Snaper has served as a Senior Consultant to other major corporations and organizations, including IBM, General Foods, NASA, Boeing, Gillette, Singer, U.S. Air Force, Rocketdyne, General Motors, Lockheed Aircraft, Sanyo, Philips, Gulf Western, Union Carbide, etc. He has been awarded more than 600 patents, many for significant industrial products and processes. Some of his inventions and commercial products include the IBM Selectric Type Ball, Tang, the NASA Apollo Photo- Pack, Coating Process for Gillette Razor Blades, and the Electrostatic Painting Process & System for Auto Components Assemblies for General Motors, to name a few. Alvin Snaper holds the single honor and individual distinction of being recognized three times with ‘Best Patent of the Year’ award by Design News magazine, and is the author of numerous technical and scientific papers.

Alvin Snaper is or has been a member the following professional societies and organizations: Who’s Who of American Inventors 1990-1991; VIP Electronic Improvement Program; American Ordnance Association. He is a former consultant in ultrasonics to the Library of Congress, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, International Scientific Society and The Society of Photographic Instrumental Engineers.

About First National Power Corporation

First National Power Corporation is a developer of renewable energy to meet the growing demand for clean, renewable sources of power. First National’s focus is on wind power, the most rapidly growing source of electricity generation in the world. The team of experienced professionals at First National brings together a full range of project development, technical, financial and marketing skills to design, construct and operate wind power facilities. First National is currently pursuing talks for major contracts in Canada and abroad, and is poised to become the largest producer of clean electricity, using wind power.

About Capstone International Corp. (OTC/BB: CILC-CITC)

The acquisition of First National Power will be the first step in our goal to become a major player in the utilities market in the United States and Canada, and to join the lucrative and expanding market in wind power generation. With the addition of Alvin Snaper as Chairperson of Capstone’s Technology Advisory Board and the acquisition of the PROPLESS WIND POWER GENERATOR (PWPG), A future WIND ENERGY TURBINE, CITC will be taking another major stride toward accomplishing this goal. Information is available on the internet on the CITC target industry at such sites as and will give our shareholders, friends and future investors a fair background as we develop our new Website. The primary focus of Capstone is to increase the share value for its Shareholders. With this goal in mind, the Management of CITC has been pursuing businesses with high growth investment opportunities that will reflect this increase.

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