Ameresco buys energy management firm ESP

Energy efficiency and renewable energy company Ameresco Inc. has acquired ESP, an energy management consulting company consisting of The Energy Services Partnership and ESP Response, located in Castleford, United Kingdom.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

With this acquisition, Ameresco adds a local presence in the U.K. and energy industry professionals to support multi-national enterprise energy management customers.

In the U.K., ESP is a provider of energy management solutions, including energy supply, invoice management and demand response services for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and utility customers.

ESP is also supplier independent and, as a result, able to select the most cost effective and tailored solutions for its customers. Ameresco provides a portfolio of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, as well as energy procurement services similar to ESP’s, to clients across the U.S. and Canada.

Founded in 2000, Ameresco has its corporate headquarters in Framingham, Mass. Ameresco provides services through its 66 offices in 34 states and five Canadian provinces. Ameresco has more than 900 employees.

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