AT&T Smart Cities welcomes Spruce Finance as smart grid customer

AT&T is teaming with Spruce Finance Inc. to bring smart grid solutions to the residential solar power industry.

Spruce provides consumer finance products to residential solar and efficiency improvement companies. The company monitors and maintains the systems of homeowners who have financed their systems with leases or power purchase agreements.

As the newest AT&T Smart Grid customer, Spruce now has a total advanced metering infrastructure solution that will ultimately support the ongoing development of smart cities.

The AT&T Smart Grid advanced metering solution provides a two-way 4G LTE wireless connection and near real-time information advantage for companies. AT&T’s solution includes:

·      Smart grid meters and sensors

·      Access to the LTE network and head-end applications for management of Smart Grid devices

·      Ongoing professional service support which includes assistance with project management, implementation, hosting and employee training

AT&T Smart Grid benefits include increased operational efficiencies; ability to remotely manage systems and assets; faster intelligence and quicker troubleshooting abilities; and better optimized resources to meet demand growth and allow for future scaling.

AT&T has set a goal to enable carbon savings 10 times the footprint of its operations by 2025. To achieve this, AT&T will engage with customers, companies and non-governmental organizations on tactics to drive reductions in emissions and increases in resource efficiency.

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