Avon Lake Municipal Utilities picks FirstEnergy to provide green power

Akron, Ohio, April 11, 2012 — Avon Lake Municipal Utilities is extending for an additional year an agreement with FirstEnergy Solutions to supply renewable electric generation to the water filtration plant, water pollution control center and other facilities through December 2014.

During the last year of the agreement, FirstEnergy Solutions will retire enough Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to equal 25 percent of Avon Lake Municipal Utilities’ generation use. The RECs will be generated at the Seneca Pumped Storage Hydro Plant in Warren, Pennsylvania.

When a renewable energy generator — such as a hydropower plant — produces electricity that is certified and sold into the wholesale electricity market, it also produces RECs. A REC represents the positive environmental attributes associated with putting renewable power onto the grid.

By retiring RECs, FirstEnergy Solutions is adding an amount of renewable power to the grid equivalent to 25 percent of the amount of power that Avon Lake Municipal Utilities will use during 2014.


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