BISEM, SMUD to install photovoltaic curtain wall retrofit

Sacramento, Calif., August 20, 2012 — BISEM Inc., installed a building-integrated photovoltaic curtain wall retrofit with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

The 392-square foot wall at SMUD‘s LEED Platinum-certified customer service center, will provide 100 percent of the DC power to run the cooling of their technology demonstration area and serve as a working model for any medium to large scale commercial building retrofit in the country.

The BISEM energy producing curtain walls help achieve a net zero energy building for new and existing commercial construction projects. The BIPV Curtain Wall Retrofit is prefabricated and assembled as a simple solution that can be mounted to any existing curtain wall. Structurally engineered connections are mounted without removing the glass or affecting the integrity of the waterproofing. This allows for cost-effective installation.

BISEM’s completed installation at SMUD includes forty-nine cadmium telluride thin-film modules, which turn solar energy into electricity. The panels produce DC electricity that will be used to power swamp coolers to reduce heat build-up in the technology demonstration area of the SMUD facility.

The additional power generated will leverage BISEM’s proprietary multi-trade solution, which includes a monitoring system and inverters that transform all additional power produced to AC electricity. This AC power will flow back into the SMUD power grid and be constantly monitored for performance.

SMUD has consistently been a forward thinking company with a critical focus on the environment and green renewable resources and products. In the 1980s, SMUD began transforming Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant into a recreational area and built the first utility-scale solar farm. The array served as a model for large-scale solar development. Over the years, SMUD also spearheaded the development of residential rooftop solar and solar as parking lot shade covers.

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