Brazil adds 74 power generation projects to power auction

Brazil’s mining and energy ministry (MME) has added 74 power generation projects to its A-5 power auction catalog.

The November 28 bid round will feature 1,115 proposals totaling 53.8 GW of installed capacity, MME said in a statement on Monday.

Gas-fired thermal power and wind energy make up about 75 percent of the projects registered with 20.6 GW and 18.76 GW respectively.

Solar power is the third best-represented source with 6 GW.

Coal plants comprise 4.490 GW, biomass 1.9 GW, hydropower 1.2 GW, small hydropower 526 MW and heliothermal 240 MW.

Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul are the best-represented states with five projects each.

The government earlier this month postponed the auction, originally earmarked for September 30, due to hydroelectric permit delays.

Under Brazil’s power auction model, construction and operating concessions are awarded to bidders offering the lowest annual revenue.

Wind and solar plants have the A-5 auction’s lowest ceiling price – $60/MWh – for contract periods of 20 years.

Hydroelectric generators have been set a 30-year supply term and maximum price of $65.51 MWh.

Thermoelectric plants – fired by coal, biomass and combined-cycle natural gas – will have a 25-year supply period with a price cap of $81.82/MWh.

All projects are due online by January 2019.

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