California Energy Commission awards EV fast-charging company $3.4M BRIDGE grant

FreeWire Technologies this week announced that it was awarded a $3,468,490 grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to advance its EV charging product, Boost Charger.

The grant is from CEC’s “BRIDGE 2020: Bringing Rapid Innovation Development to Green Energy” grant program, which exists to fund continued technology development, demonstration and deployment of the most promising energy technologies, according to FreeWire. The company said it will use the money to further advance grid services functionality of its product and demonstrate enhanced ultrafast charging with energy storage at two project sites, including one in an under-resourced community.

FreeWire’s Boost Charger combines battery storage with communication and control technologies and power electronics to provide a fast EV charging technology product that will streamline installation of DC Fast Chargers, respond to grid conditions, and provide power for EV drivers during grid outages, it said.

The project will specifically add the following advancements to FreeWire’s Boost Charger:

  • EV charging even when grid power is unavailable;
  • Backup supply to power on-site loads as a microgrid;
  • On-site power demand management to reduce the overall energy costs for a Site Host;
  • Direct integration with on-site renewable sources, such as solar, to increase the efficiency of the solar plus storage system and reduce its total cost;
  • Bi-directional power flow to support charger-to-grid power flow; and
  • Utility integration to support demand response, grid load balancing and other grid services.

Boost Charger’s expanded grid service offerings allow electric fleets to recharge, supporting other critical facilities such as gas stations when power is out, it said.

“We are pleased to receive this CEC grant which will support FreeWire’s ongoing technological advancements and breakthroughs to overcome barriers to achieving California’s energy goals by adding new grid-oriented and resiliency services to our Boost Charger EV charger systems,” said Arcady Sosinov, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FreeWire Technologies.

“With the growth of EVs and charging demand, reliability concerns have risen to the forefront as California’s utilities and grid managers work to balance electricity load and supply. Our CEC grant will support new advancements to our Boost Charger technology that will facilitate the rapid scale up of ultra-fast EV charging, delivering high power everywhere without expensive and burdensome grid upgrades.”

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