China to invest $763 million on electric vehicle charging stations by 2015

Beijing, April 10, 2012 — China may spend about $763.72 million on building electric-vehicle charging stations by 2015.

Analysts forecast this as state-owned China Southern Power Grid Co. aims to cut 100 million tons of coal and 300 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2015 in line with the country’s 12th five-year plan, starting from 2011 to 2015, on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction.

Total demand for EVs in China are expected to increase with an average annual growth rate of over 200 percent till 2015, analysts said. China Southern Power Grid also intends to build charging stations in five provinces this year.

State Grid Corp of China, the nation’s largest power supplier, built 156 charging stations and 6,252 charging posts last year in Chinese major cities, including Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao.

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