Chint Group invests in 1 GW of solar energy projects in China

Lanzhou, China, August 3, 2010 — Astronergy’s parent company, the Chint Group, signed a strategic cooperative framework agreement with the Gansu Development and Reform Commission, where it will invest in 1 GW of solar energy projects and in 200 MW of manufacturing capabilities.

This agreement marks the official launch of the province’s push to develop its solar power industry.

As one of China‘s largest enterprises and the country’s largest low- voltage electrical appliance manufacturer, the Chint Group’s existing talent and technological resource base allows the group a great advantage in solar module production and the construction of total photovoltaic systems.

In addition to its reputation as a trusted provider of electrical products for the last 25 years, the group works closely with its solar subsidiary Astronergy, through which it has garnered extensive experience in the manufacture of solar products and the establishment of solar systems.

The provincial government has also agreed to provide a range of assistance for the budding industry at construction sites, obtaining approval for related projects, and applying for feed-in tariffs, such that all sides — including the environment — will benefit from the agreement.


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