Clean Line Energy, WindPole Ventures join to build wind data network

Boston and Houston, February 1, 2011 — Clean Line Energy Partners LLC of Houston and WindPole Ventures, headquartered in Arlington, Mass, announced plans to build a wind resource monitoring network in southwestern Kansas to support the planned Grain Belt Express Clean Line transmission project.

It will deliver 3,500 MW of low cost, renewable power from Kansas to Southeastern Missouri and points farther east.

Clean Line solely develops transmission lines and is using the wind resource monitoring network to support its efforts to forecast usage rates of the proposed Grain Belt Express Clean Line transmission project. It will help future customers plan appropriately for the integration of 3,500 MW of new wind power.

WindPole will equip its portfolio of existing narrow face towers to generate a complete meteorological picture with seasonal and intra-day measurements. WindPole will instrument 120-meter towers around Spearville, Kansas, near the proposed terminus of Clean Line’s Grain Belt Express.

Each tower in WindPole’s network will capture actual wind resource data at the turbine hub height, reducing potential errors due to extrapolation. Clean Line will thus avoid the errors and uncertainty associated with 60-meter towers and ground mounted sensor technology.

WindPole’s sensors and communications architecture deliver high-resolution five minute data. Sensors, booms and systems are guided by Annex G of IEC 61400-12-1. V-Bar, LLC is advising both firms, and will guide WindPole on sensor placement.

The wind resource monitoring network in Kansas is estimated to take 90 days to implement. WindPole will begin monitoring the flow of bankable data on the region’s wind resources.

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