Consumers Energy, SunPower collaborate on Michigan home solar energy

In a state expected to grow its solar power installations by more than 500 percent this year, Consumers Energy and SunPower are collaborating to offer a full-service home solar solution to 100 Michiganders from 32 counties across Michigan.

As part of the Solar Distributed Generation (DG) Pilot Program, SunPower will provide participating homeowners interested in solar with a no-cost site assessment, customized system design, quality installation, warranty and financing options.

“At Consumers Energy, we’re rolling out new programs for Michigan residents as we all do our part for the environment,” said Dennis Dobbs, Consumers Energy’s vice president of enterprise project management, engineering and services. “We are pleased to respond to the growing interest we see from Michigan residents in generating their own solar energy.”

Each SunPower solar energy system will be designed and sized to best meet each consumer’s needs. Any excess solar energy generated by the system but not used onsite will result in a credit on the homeowner’s monthly energy bill under the state’s net metering program.

Homeowners may choose to own their system through a cash purchase or loan, allowing eligible customers to take advantage of federal and state incentives.

Among SunPower’s home solar offerings available through the pilot is the SunPower Equinox platform, the nation’s first residential solar solution that has been designed and engineered by one company to work seamlessly together, delivering unbeatable power, long-term performance and curb appeal. With the Equinox system, only the solar panels and a smart energy management device are visible, reflecting the company’s minimalist architectural approach at the system level. And because SunPower panels are more efficient, fewer are required to generate the same amount of energy as a system with conventional solar.

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