Covanta completes Honolulu waste-to-energy facility expansion

Honolulu, October 9, 2012 — Covanta Energy Corp. completed the expansion of the H-POWER waste-to-energy facility, owned by the city and county of Honolulu. Covanta Energy is the designer, builder and operator of the facility, which is an integral component of the city and county’s comprehensive solid waste management program.

The expansion added a third boiler, which increases the facility’s capacity by 900 tons of municipal solid waste per day. This brings the facility’s total daily capacity to 3,000 tons and allows Covanta to now process all of the island’s post-recycled municipal solid waste at the facility, diverting waste from landfills. The expansion will also enable the facility to produce about 90 MW of renewable energy (gross generation) — close to eight percent of Oahu’s total power needs.

In addition, the facility will help Oahu become more energy independent by eliminating the need for one million barrels of imported oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by almost one million tons each year due to the avoidance of methane from landfills, the offset of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel electrical production and the recovery of metals for recycling.

The completed expansion project also marks the commencement of a new 20-year operating agreement with the city and county. Covanta began operating the H-POWER facility in 1990. In 22 years of operation, the facility has processed more than 13 million tons of waste, reduced the need for 15 million barrels of imported oil, saved 500 hundred acres of land otherwise used for landfills and recovered 450,000 tons of metals for recycling — the equivalent of four aircraft carriers.

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