CVPS-ConsumerPowerline sign demand response contract

New York, NY, June 2, 2008 — ConsumerPowerline announced it was selected by Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) as its exclusive provider of demand response solutions to its electricity customers in the area affected by the Coolidge Connector project. Under the terms of the agreement, ConsumerPowerline will be the sole demand response provider for CVPS through May 2011 to bridge reliability concerns until the Coolidge Connector line can be built and operated.

CVPS chose ConsumerPowerline to create the Vermont Reliability Program (VRP) that will address the increasing demand for power put upon an aging electricity infrastructure, as well as general environmental concerns. VRP provides electricity customers significant monthly incentive payments in addition to the ISO-NE program incentives, in exchange for committing to reduce energy consumption to a pre-determined amount when called to do so. This activity will reduce stress on the grid, enhance transmission system reliability, and help ensure that a consistent electricity supply is maintained.

In 2007, CVPS looked at several alternatives to enhance both grid and transmission system reliability throughout central Vermont, and determined that a demand response program could provide significant relief to the electricity supply system in an efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible manner.

VRP is an add-on to the ISO New England Real Time Demand Response program. ISO New England (ISO-NE) is the Independent System Grid Operator for the six New England States and its Real Time Demand Response program is one of the most successful demand response programs in the nation. Through the program, ISO-NE and transmission operator Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) will be able to call upon demand response assets in the targeted Central Vermont territory, with 30 minutes notification, to curtail load in emergency conditions.

ConsumerPowerline will work with medium to large electricity customers in the Coolidge Connector affected portion of the Central Vermont Public Service area to evaluate electricity consumption and provide curtailment recommendations and plans that will not impact a customer’s core operations. ConsumerPowerline manages the full process on behalf of customers, including enrollment, participation, reporting and payments. Customers receive payments for their participation, and do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

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