E.On pairs with crane company to lower cost of wind energy installation

Lowering operating costs and streamlining operations has been a key goal for the maturing wind power industry in the United States. Gearboxes and generators are among the most costly and disruptive failed parts in wind turbines currently. To improve this situation, E.On Energy Services turned to Liftra to find a new solution to a growing problem.   

Liftra has developed a new technology, the Liftra Crane, which the company says can lower the total costs to change out gearboxes and generators for certain turbines.

E.On Energy Services has purchased this technology from Liftra and will offer it as part of a new service offering to customers in the North American market. The Liftra Crane replaces a traditional crane for gearbox and generator repairs, and has the potential to be a game changer in the wind turbine operations and maintenance space.

The Liftra technology is currently applicable on the General Electric 1.5, the Vestas V82 and Siemens 2.3 platforms.

E.On is one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies, with more than 58,000 employees.


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