E.On prepares rollout of one million smart meters

Until the end of the planned rollout in 2027, E.On will provide more than one million of its German customers with a smart meter and operate the metering systems.

The company has now received the requisite certificate from the Federal Office for Information Security. It allows E.On as a so-called gateway administrator to take care of smart meter operation, configuration and data processing.

On this basis, E.On will be able to offer all IT services related to the installation and operation of smart meters not only to its own network operators but also to municipal utilities.

“Setting up your own certified system is time-consuming and costly,” says Paul-Vincent Abs, managing director of E.On Metering GmbH. “This is where we can support municipal utilities with our service.”

Smart metering systems are key to the further development of intelligent distribution systems, which are the backbone of an increasingly distributed energy world. At the same time, smart meters open up new opportunities for developing products and services that make energy consumption more transparent and easier for customers to understand.

The certificate is a formal statement confirming that E.On’s Information Security Management System complies with Technical Guideline 03109-6 of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as ISO 27001 and meets the high security standards specified by the legislator for gateway administration. The certificate covers all internal documentation as well as technical and IT processes related to gateway administration. It also includes extensive data security tests.

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