How Smart Utilities are Using IoT to Enable Smart Cities and Plan for a...

This webinar will explore how utilities are planning for and developing eco-friendly infrastructure. It will present drivers of smart city initiatives and the essential...

Microgrids: The Future of Energy in Healthcare

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In the United States, our grid infrastructure is aging.
How do ensure organizations that are critical to public well-being are protected? Enter Microgrids

How to Build a Low Power, Secure Smart Metering Solution

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Water conservation, recapturing lost revenue from leaks and theft, and reducing utility operating costs are key benefits of a smart metering solution. Governments and utilities need reliable, long-lasting solutions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

In Chicago, ‘charging deserts’ part of racial divide on electric vehicles

By Audrey Henderson Public charging stations are most heavily concentrated in the city’s more affluent neighborhoods, creating a chicken/egg scenario for electric car adoption While electric...
Electric Charging

Neoenergia launches electric vehicle corridor in northeast Brazil

By Jonathan Spencer Jones Brazil energy distributor Neoenergia has started developing an 1,100km electric vehicle (EV) charging ‘green corridor’. The corridor will connect the state capitals...

Annual survey finds battery prices dropped 13% in 2020

Lithium-ion battery pack prices, which were above $1,100 per kilowatt-hour (KWh) in 2010, have fallen 89% to $137/kWh in 2020. By 2023, average prices...

WPD investigating ‘on-the-go’ wireless electric vehicle charging

UK’s Western Power Distribution (WPD), the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West and South Wales, today announced the launch of a...

Lion Electric successfully deploys V2G technology in New York with Con Edison

“V2G has been a trendy word in the EV industry for many years, but now we have proven that V2G is real thanks to our great partners at Con Edison, Nuvve, White Plains School District and National Express,” said Marc-Andre Page, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Lion Electric.

The roadblocks EV trucks face in modernizing the transportation sector

By Ali Syed, P.Eng. PMP With most major car manufacturers releasing electrical vehicle (EV) models, along with newcomers such as Tesla and NIO securing billions...

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