Enel Green Power opens 96 MW of wind farms in Spain

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Andalusia, Spain, January 21, 2011 – Italian renewable energy company Enel Green Power) has put into operation three new wind farms with a combined capacity of 96 MW in Spain.

With these additions, Enel Green Power‘s installed wind power capacity in Iberia reaches 1,380 MW.

All three wind farms are equipped with Gamesa G-87 wind turbines of 2 MW each. Once fully operational, the facilities will produce about 260 million kWh per year, meeting the energy needs of over 95,000 households.

The Cogollos farm, located in Castilla-Leon, northern Spain, has an installed capacity of 50 MW. It will annually produce about 140 million kWh, covering the needs of 51,000 households and saving 104,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 52,000 tons of oil equivalent of fossil fuel, according to company calculations.

The Los Barrancos wind power plant, located in southern Andalusia, has an installed capacity of 20 MW. Enel Green Power expects that the facility will produce 55 million kWh per year, enough to meet the power needs of 20,000 households while reducing CO2 emissions by 40,000 tons per year.

The third wind farm, 50-percent-held by Enel Green Power, is called El Puntal and is also in Andalusia. Its 13 turbines have a combined capacity of 26 MW that could annually produce 65 million kWh, and cover the consumption of 24,000 households, avoid the emission of 48,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save 24,000 TOE of fossil fuel annually.

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