EnerNOC responds to grid stress in Ontario

Oakville, Ontario, Canada, August 9, 2010 – EnerNOC’s DemandSMART network of commercial, institutional and industrial customers was dispatched again last week to provide relief to Ontario’s electric power grid, reducing emissions from power plants and costs for Ontario ratepayers.

“Instead of only relying on power plants to increase supply during periods of peak demand, Ontario Power Authority is turning to EnerNOC to reduce electricity consumption where and when it is needed. Our customers have delivered excellent results and provided a valuable resource to their community,” said Kelly Lorincz, EnerNOC’s Country Manager, Canada.

When EnerNOC receives a dispatch command from Ontario Power Authority, EnerNOC triggers processes at over 100 Ontario-based businesses and institutions to reduce non-essential electricity consumption.

Measures include changing temperature set points by a few degrees, delaying energy-intensive processes, and reducing non-essential lighting, thus taking electricity demand off of the grid.

VersaCold, Linamar Corp., Toyota Boshoku Canada, and Ropak are among the many Ontario-based businesses enrolled in EnerNOC’s demand response network.

In addition to regular payments, EnerNOC customers also receive access to DemandSMART, EnerNOC’s comprehensive demand response application, which monitors electricity usage in real time and helps customers maximize demand response performance.

“It was rewarding to have all our Linamar facilities log in to DemandSMART and to see almost instantly the impact our actions have on the grid. To see that load drop reinforces that we are providing a valuable resource to our community,” said Peter Zago, Director of Purchasing at Linamar Corp.

“Toyota Boshoku is happy to do our part to help provide a clean alternative to traditional peaking power plants,” said Jason Psutka, Assistant Manager, Plant Engineering & Environmental Officer at Toyota Boshoku Canada. “EnerNOC helps make participating in demand response easy and straightforward.”


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