Eos Energy Storage sells battery system to GDF SUEZ

Eos Energy Storage today announced that European energy giant GDF SUEZ has purchased Eos’s zinc hybrid cathode battery energy storage system. The sale marks the next phase in Eos’s pilot demonstration program, after 3rd-party testing with DNV GL.

GDF SUEZ will install and test the Eos battery system at their new GDF SUEZ Batteries Lab at Laborelec, in Linkebeek, Belgium. Laborelec, part of the GDF SUEZ Research & Technologies Division, is a research and competence center in electrical power technology.

The GDF SUEZ Batteries Lab, created in June 2014, aims at developing the capability to anticipate the evolutions of battery technologies in terms of cost and performance. It will evaluate the performance of the Eos system under a range of applications — including facility energy management, integration of distributed solar photovoltaics, participation in grid balancing markets and energy arbitrage in wholesale markets.

Eos’s grid storage product, the Aurora, is a containerized MW-scale DC battery system designed to more reliably integrate renewable energy, improve grid efficiency and resiliency, and reduce utility costs and consumer electric bills. Eos plans to sell the Aurora DC battery system for $160 per kWh, and will work with major power controls and integration partners to sell, install, and service turn-key AC-integrated battery systems.

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