Evergy proposing extra charges for solar panel users

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – State regulators will hold a virtual public hearing Thursday on Evergy’s proposal to add charges to recover the cost of providing solar energy.

Evergy wants to charge customers who have solar panels about $25 a month based on the number of solar panels they use.

If that plan is rejected, Evergy proposes charging all customers a minimum of $35 a month, even if they don’t use solar panels.

The charge would not affect most customers because it would simply count against their energy consumption. But some poorer households that don’t use that much electricity would pay more, The Kansas News Service reported.

Evergy contends it needs to recover the cost of providing on-demand electricity for solar-equipped homes that don’t use many kilowatts. The company contends customers without solar are subsidizing those who use solar power.

Solar advocates argue the new plans is similar to one rejected earlier by the courts. And they say the goal is to slow the use of renewable energy just as tax breaks end and solar technology is becoming less expensive.

State regulators will hold a virtual public hearing on the proposed rates at 6 p.m. Thursday. The Kansas Corporation Commission will also be taking written comments through Dec. 21.

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