Fortum, partners to develop U.K. wave energy

Fortum signed a leasing agreement with the U.K.-based Wave Hub in order to test wave power solutions off the coast of Cornwall. The agreement provides Fortum with a new opportunity to rapidly deploy advanced, full-scale wave power converters in ocean conditions.

Fortum believes that a transition to a “solar economy,” where energy production is based solely on renewable energy sources, is inevitable, although gradual. As an inexhaustible and emissions-free energy form, wave power can play an important role in the future, and that is why it is also a key focus area in Fortum’s research and development work.

The Wave Hub facility offers Fortum an opportunity to test wave power converters in favorable ocean conditions. The site is consented, constructed and grid connected, which reduces the time it takes to get devices into the water. The berth that Wave Hub will provide is capable of handling up to 10 MW installed generation.

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