GDF Suez considers French tidal turbine projects

Paris, June 20, 2012 – French utility GDF Suez is studying the feasibility of two tidal power projects in France in an attempt to capture marine current energy from 2015.

GDF Suez has plans to run tidal power production units at Raz Blanchard in Lower Normandy and the Passage du Fromveur off the Finistere coast in Brittany, both representing 80 percent of the energy potential from marine current power in France.

For the project in Raz Blanchard, GDF Suez seeks approval to install a pilot plant equipped with three to six turbines for a total capacity from 3 to 12 MW from 2015. German hydropower equipment maker Voith Hydro will supply its HyTide turbines for the project.

Regarding the site in the Passage du Fromveur where the group wants to install a plant by 2016, subsidiary Eole Generation has secured access to the research data on a marine turbine prototype developed by French tidal power engineering group Sabella.

Likewise, power group EDF is preparing the launch of a marine current turbines site with a total capacity of over 2 MW offshore Ile-de-Brehat near Paimpol in Brittany.
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