GE debuts 2.75 MW wind turbine technology in Scotland

Manchester, U.K., October 26, 2011 — Supporting Scotland’s goal to produce 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, GE announced it is supplying nine of its 2.75 MW wind turbines for the Little Raith Wind Farm project that recently began construction near Lochgelly in Fife, Scotland.

The project marks the commercial debut of GE‘s 2.75 MW wind turbine technology in Northern Europe.

Little Raith is the first commercial wind farm to be built in Fife, which is Scotland’s third largest local municipality by population. The nine-turbine wind farm will have an installed capacity of 24.75 MW of green energy, which represents an important step in reducing Fife’s carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2013 as the county works to increase its production of cleaner energy.

GE expects to complete the wind turbine installation by 2012 for Manchester, United Kingdom-based Kennedy Renewables, which owns the Little Raith project.

GE’s wind turbine technologies offer the reliability, availability and output that customers require to achieve their renewable production and economic goals.

In addition to supplying the wind turbines, GE also will provide Kennedy Renewables with customer support for the Little Raith project under a five-year, full service agreement.

GE’s 2.75 MW wind turbine technology is the latest in the company’s portfolio of multi-MW wind turbines developed to suit a variety of wind regimes, including the windier climate of Scotland.

The evolution of GE’s multi-MW turbine design began with the 2.5 MW turbine introduced in 2004. GE’s 2.5-100 rotor and the 2.75-103m rotor, build upon the maturity of their predecessors.

Designed with high reliability to ensure continued operation in the field, GE’s 2.75 MW 100 and 2.75 MW 103 units can provide customers with increased annual energy production levels and greater returns on their investments.

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