GE, Taiwan Power sign wind turbine service agreement

GE and Taiwan Power Co. signed a five-year, full service agreement covering 26 GE 1.5-MW class wind turbines operating throughout Taiwan.

Under the agreement, valued at nearly $11.4 million, GE will provide a full scope of services including planned and unplanned maintenance, repairs and spare parts. The agreement guarantees fleet availability of greater than 95 percent.

Of the 26 GE wind turbines, 23 are located in Taoyuan County, and three are located in Kenting Township. The fleet contributes more than 110 million kWh of green electricity to the Taiwan power grid or enough energy for 28,000 Taiwan households.

GE FSAs are complete packages including all planned maintenance activities such as remote monitoring and troubleshooting, routine services, preventative maintenance, on-site support and parts support as well as unplanned maintenance such as up-tower inspection and repair, condition monitoring, turbine performance and life extension solutions.

The FSA provides customers with operational assurance and the opportunity to work with GE to increase annual energy production and reduced cost of electricity.

GE has worked with Taiwan Power Co. for decades in the nuclear power and gas turbine sectors and in the wind business since 2005.

Taiwan Power Co., Ltd. is engaged in power generation from fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. A state-owned electric power utility, the company’s principal business activities include power development, power supply and investment in power-related business. Taiwan Power has a generating capacity of 38,082 MW and serves about 11.9 million customers.

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