German researchers develop renewable energy chargers for electric vehicles

German researchers are developing mass-charging station for electric vehicles fully powered by renewable resources

The facility at the Fraunhofer Institute Centre in Stuttgart is supposed to accommodate 30 electric vehicles at the same time and fully charge them in less than 20 minutes.

The station is connected to a micro smart grid managing the electricity demand and supply.

The team is currently fine-tuning the micro smart grid to be able to rely solely on renewable energy resources. They will soon install a photovoltaic unit and a small wind turbine at the facility and equip the system with a lithium-ion battery storage unit, plus a roof-mounted redox flow battery serving for temporary energy storage.

If the need arises, the micro smart grid powering the charging station could always be connected to the regular electrical grid.

However, the researchers believe that producing energy locally, independently on the centralized grid is the way forward.

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