Ghana rations electricity so citizens can watch World Cup

To ensure that its residents do not miss the World Cup game against the United States, power grid operators in Ghana are purchasing electric power from the neighboring Càƒ´te d’Ivoire, according to

The West African nation has experienced power shortfalls this year due to low water levels that are weakening the country’s capacity for generating hydropower.


The nation’s energy regulator is rationing electricity with controlled rolling blackouts. Power plants in Ghana are running at full capacity, and large industries are pledging to scale back their production during the soccer match.

Ghana is also buying about 50 MW of power from Càƒ´te d’Ivoire.

Ghana generates most of its electricity from hydro facilities on the Volta River, including Akosombo Dam (1,020 MW), Bui Dam (400 MW) and the run-of-river Kpong Dam (148 MW).

Ghana’s government has set a goal of building 5 GW of new power generation by the end of 2016.

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