Green-e report reveals electricity providers even ‘greener’ than promised

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Nov. 19, 2001 – The recent release of Green-e’s Verification Report revealed positive results about green power providers – that they continue to go above and beyond their commitments to consumers.

For the third consecutive year, electricity service providers have delivered more green power to the grid than promised – a benefit for consumers, renewable power producers and the environment.

In the year 2000, over 80% of the nation’s Green-e products exceeded stringent minimum requirements for renewable energy product content. This is the third year that Green-e certified electricity providers surpassed their responsibilities to customers in offering renewable power. In 1999 and 1998, Green-e Verification Results also documented that Green-e certified products had met and exceeded the program’s strict environmental and consumer protection standards.

Green-e is the nation’s first voluntary certification and verification program for renewable electricity products. Certified products may display the Green-e logo, which helps customers easily identify environmentally preferable, renewable-based electricity products. In 2000, over 163,000 electricity customers chose Green-e certified products nationwide.

Green-e’s verification process requires certified providers to undergo an independent process audit. The audit reviews contracts, invoices and metering data to verify that the quantity and type of renewable resources sold met consumer demand, as well as the Green-e Program’s renewable energy and consumer protection requirements.

Green-e also biannually reviews all of the marketing materials of their providers to make sure that their claims to consumers match what they deliver. By setting stringent environmental product standards, and by requiring companies to disclose information about their products, Green-e helps consumers make responsible choices about the power they purchase.

For copies of the Green-e Annual Verification report, and more information on the Green-e Program, please visit our Web site,

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