Green Mountain Power picks Vestas wind turbines for wind project

Colchester, Vt., June 7, 2011 — Green Mountain Power selected a turbine for its renewable wind project in Lowell that is 20 percent more efficient and will lower the expected cost of power from the project for GMP customers and Vermont Electric Cooperative members.

With the Vestas V112 3 MW wind turbine, the forecasted energy of the facility will increase, providing power to more homes and businesses at a lower cost than earlier projections.

The turbine choice was identified in a filing Green Mountain Power made with the Vermont Public Service Board of several of the documents required before construction of the project can begin.

As anticipated, the public service board order included a number of conditions that must be met, including final selection of the turbines and the site plan among them.

As a result of the increased efficiency of the V112 3.0 turbine, the project’s levelized energy costs will decrease from a projected 10.3 cents per kWh, an attractive price for a renewable project, to a projected 9.2 cents per kWh, well below the price for similar renewable projects.

The renewable energy project will generate enough electricity for 24,000 homes, and is expected to provide eight percent of all the electricity GMP customers use and four percent of the electricity VEC members use.


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