GWS Technologies developing 7 MW solar farm in Arizona

Scottsdale, Ariz., November 10, 2009 — GWS Technologies, an alternative energy company developing solar and wind-powered renewable energy products, is working with Dominion Real Estate Investments, LLC to develop a 36-acre solar farm in Florence, Arizona. The project will cost about $28 million.

The company plans to install six MW of mono-crystalline fixed solar panels, as well as 1 MW of a concentrating solar power system, as a beta test for use in the company’s future projects.

Fixed solar panels have no moving parts, collect sunlight and convert it into electricity, while CSP systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus sunlight into a small beam which is concentrated onto a photovoltaic surface.

“This project would be one of the largest projects in Arizona and, in conjunction with other projects, gives us 40 MW under development, which positions us to be a leader in solar farm development in the Southwest,” said GWS Technologies President Richard Reincke. “40 MW generates enough electricity to provide power to approximately 12,000 homes,” Reincke said.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has set renewable energy standards mandating that regulated utilities generate at least 15 percent of their power from renewable resources such as solar and wind by 2025.

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