Half of homeowners have taken steps to increase energy efficiency

A telephone survey conducted of more than 1,000 U.S. homeowners found that in January 2013, 55 percent had actively taken steps to increase the energy efficiency in their home. The survey was conducted jointly by the Association of Energy Services Professionals and International Communications Research.

The most popular measures included replacing standard bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (68 percent), replacing existing appliance with high energy appliances (43 percent), installing insulation or high-efficiency windows (37 percent), using smart power strips (16 percent) and technologies that enable appliances to be programmed (16 percent).

However, only 40 percent of the homeowners reported that they were participating in programs offered by utilities to encourage less energy usage. For example, only 25 percent said that they were taking advantage of time of use rate differentials to lower their energy costs.

Just 12 percent were participating in financing options for new appliances, 10 percent were participating in refrigerator recycling programs, and only 8 percent had conducted home energy audits, which are often provided by utilities at no charge.

Founded in 1989, AESP is a member-based association dedicated to improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency, energy management and distributed renewable resources. AESP provides professional development programs, a network of energy practitioners, and promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience.

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