Hydro Alternative Energy tests tidal power turbine prototype

Jupiter, Fla., February 16, 2010 — Renewable energy company Hydro Alternative Energy recently conducted initial in-water, off-shore testing of its patent pending turbine prototype designed for use in planned commercialized tidal water power applications.

The test involved the turbine prototype being positioned in the Intracoastal waterway by a company-chartered vessel and demonstrating the production of electrical current through testing methods.

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Hydro Alternative Energy believes that the basic design of the technology set forth in the U.S. and international patent pending applications will allow the company to save about 2 to 3 years of research and development, particularly in view of such successful prototype testing, and the company’s engineering team members’ working knowledge of the technology used in the prototype device.

Jon Landau, CEO of HAE, said: “We are developing a system to generate clean, inexpensive and predictable energy by converting ocean and tidal currents into usable energy through our planned Hydro Power Generation System. Utilizing these currents, we believe we will be able to create significantly higher levels of power generation as compared to other renewable and/or alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power.”



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