Hydro-Quàƒ©bec launches smart home products brand

Hydro-Quàƒ©bec is launching Hilo, a brand of personalized products and services that will make it easy for customers to manage their energy use more efficiently and more intelligently.

The energy sector is undergoing changes, partly as a result of rapidly evolving technologies. Customers can now play an active role in supplying energy to the grid.

Starting next year, Hilo will offer smart home products and services that will allow customers to manage their energy use efficiently. Thereafter, the range of products and services will gradually expand to include energy services for companies, electric mobility offerings, smart storage and solar self-generation.

“With Hilo, customers will become key players in the power industry,” said àƒâ€°ric Martel, president and CEO of Hydro-Quàƒ©bec. “Collectively, we can make a difference by reducing our electricity use, thus freeing up kilowatthours to power the Quàƒ©bec economy and increase our exports to other North American markets. Hilo will therefore help reduce GHG emissions while also creating wealth in Quàƒ©bec.”

Hilo products and services draw upon Quàƒ©bec know-how, i.e., the combined expertise of Hydro-Quàƒ©bec’s research institute, IREQ, and other Quàƒ©bec companies on the cutting edge of technology.

Details on Hilo’s initial product and service offerings will be released in the coming months.

Sàƒ©bastien Fournier will act as Hilo’s president and chief executive officer. He previously served as a manager in a number of large telecommunications companies. Recently, he was Vice President and General Manager of 8D Technologies, a world leader in the design and development of urban transportation platforms and solutions.

Hilo is a homonym of the French word àƒ®lot, a small island or islet, which conjures up notions of autonomy in a living space where smart energy is at the very heart of homes and businesses. Visually, the H and O also remind us of Hydro-Quàƒ©bec.

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