Iberdrola Renewables sets up 100 MW purchase agreement with SDG&E

Portland, Ore., February 16, 2012 — Iberdrola Renewables announced a 20-year contract to sell 100 MW from its Manzana Wind Power Project, a wind farm currently under construction near Rosamond, Calif., in the wind-rich Tehachapi region, to San Diego Gas & Electric, a repeat customer.

The project will provide up to 189 MW of wind energy, representing a reduction in green house gas emissions comparable to removing more than 21,500 cars off of California’s roads for one year.

Ninety of the GE turbine nacelles used for the project — those Winnebago-sized components on top of the tower that house the generators, gearboxes, drive trains and brake assemblies — were manufactured less than an hour’s drive from the Manzana site at GE’s Tehachapi factory. The rest were manufactured in Florida. The turbine towers were delivered through the Port of San Diego.

About three-quarters of the turbines are already erected with construction of the operations and maintenance building as well as substation, collector system and transmission construction underway.

Manzana is expected to create about 290 construction jobs, and 12 Iberdrola Renewables permanent operations and maintenance staff with about another 8 to 9 contractors during the warranty period.

The Manzana project will support the local economy with property tax payments expected to be in the millions of dollars over the life of the project. The property taxes will support schools, public health, fire, library and other necessary services in Kern County.


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