Iberdrola starts building 27 MW biomass power plant in Oregon

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Portland, Ore, November 11, 2010 — Iberdrola Renewables today announced the start of construction at its 26.8-MW Lakeview Biomass Cogeneration Plant in Lakeview, Ore.

The Lakeview biomass project is expected to finish construction and begin producing enough power for 18,000 typical homes by the fall of 2012.

Located about 90 miles east of Iberdrola Renewables’ existing Klamath Cogeneration Plant, the Lakeview project will be a combined heat and power — or cogeneration — facility using latest-generation technology.

Like Klamath, environmental impacts will be minimized through innovative techniques. At Lakeview the plant will be entirely air-cooled — reducing water use by more than 80 percent as compared to conventional water cooling.

Collins Pine Co. will provide fuel from a combination of logging and sawmill residuals from its Fremont Sawmill. Collins’ Lakeview forest operations — where much of the plant’s fuel will come from — have been independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as consistent with their standards for forest management practices.

Collins will also purchase the equivalent of two megawatts of steam from the project to run their lumber drying process more efficiently and with lower air emissions. The Fremont Sawmill is directly adjacent to the biomass plant’s 55-acre site.

A wide range of state and community leaders, local industry, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and environmental groups have been involved during the project’s multi-year development.

The Lakeview Plant is located 20 miles from California, close to major transmission facilities. Iberdrola Renewables’ expects strong interest from its public and private utility customers as they seek to diversify their renewable energy supplies.

Previously, Iberdrola Renewables successfully managed the long-term sale of the output from a 55-MW biomass cogeneration plant in Tacoma, Wash., to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

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