Ideal Power Converters to compete at Clean Energy Venture Summit

Austin, Texas, October 9, 2009 – Ideal Power Converters, a new photovoltaic inverter manufacturer, will compete at the Clean Energy Venture Summit October 14 and 15 at the AT&T Conference Center.

IPC will highlight their commercial and utility scale inverters for both photovoltaic generation and grid storage October 15.

IPC has patented a revolutionary software configurable power converter topology that dramatically improves the performance of electronic power converters. IPC’s initial products are combined high power photovoltaic and battery inverter systems. These products will be the most economical and energy efficiency solution to enable distributed storage on the power grid.

“IPC’s proprietary power converter topology has the technical potential to disrupt established power converter industries,” stated Dr. Hamid A. Toliyat, Director, Electric Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory, Texas A&M University. “The IPC topology offers substantial reductions in weight, size and materials over conventional voltage source inverters, while delivering higher efficiency. It also has unique capabilities to support an efficient battery interface and respond faster to power grid transients.”

Electronic power converters provide the infrastructure enabling the clean energy revolution including renewable energy production, smarter power grids, improved building efficiency and economic electric vehicles.

IPC’s initial products are combined photovoltaic and battery inverter systems that will enable cost and energy efficiency distributed storage on the power grid. The company will also develop products or license its technology in other applications including variable frequency drives, wind inverters, uninterruptable power supplies and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

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