Intertek certifies Chevy Volt electric vehicle charging technologies

Chicago, January 12, 2011— Intertek, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services, has certified General Motors’ electric vehicle charging station and portable charging cordset to U.S. and Canadian electrical product safety standards.

Branded as the Voltec, the electric charging station and portable charging cordset are supplied by Lear Corp. and will be available with the GM 2011 Chevy Volt electric vehicle. Both chargers will bear Intertek’s widely recognized ETL Mark as evidence of compliance to North American product safety standards.

Carmakers are trying to bring new electric cars and supporting technologies to market as quickly as possible. This requires well organized testing and certification efforts as product safety approvals can lead to costly delays in product and component launches.

General Motors’ Voltec charging station and portable charging cordset is an innovation in charging technologies for electric vehicle batteries. Similar to common household appliances, the charging station will be installed at a consumer’s residence for at-home charging of the vehicle.

The portable charging cordset, a stand-alone accessory, is carried within the vehicle and allows the consumer to plug-in to any common household outlet for charging the vehicle while travelling.


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