Itron to modernize electric, water systems in Northern California

Itron signed a five-year contract with the city of Roseville, California, to modernize its electricity and water systems with Itron’s OpenWay Riva IoT solution.

The project includes more than 100,000 electricity and water meters equipped with OpenWay Riva’s distributed intelligence and advanced communication capabilities.

Roseville’s integrated utility services will also take advantage of Itron Total Outcomes, which provides the back-office IT infrastructure and cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, including meter data management and analytics, to streamline Roseville’s project resource requirements and accelerate time to value.

Located near Sacramento, Roseville is a rapidly growing city looking at ways to strategically and proactively manage power and efficiently use available water supplies both now and into the future. The utilities will deploy the OpenWay Riva solution to enhance electric system monitoring, offer new rate options and services to customers, and support water conservation goals. Specifically, the new meters will allow for improved customer service and response to power outages and water leaks, instantaneous meter turn-ons, turn-offs and re-reads.

OpenWay Riva extends intelligence and awareness to the edge of the network. It enables real-time analysis of data and provides secure peer-to-peer communication among meters and intelligent devices within the network to better manage rapidly changing grid conditions. With greater water and electricity usage awareness, the city will offer customers a broader portfolio of utility services while improving customer service.

The utility will also be positioned to take advantage of additional distributed computing capabilities, including applications for Volt/VAR optimization, demand side management, theft detection, high impedance detection, transformer load management, and tools to manage distributed energy resources. To support water efficiency, the platform will use advanced meter data and water analytics to alert customers to potential leaks and reduce water waste.

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