Juhl Wind partners with Honeywell on DOE wind power research program

Woodstock, Minn., March 11, 2010 — Juhl Wind and Honeywell International have been awarded a U.S. Department of Energy program to test the application of an advanced condition monitoring system to provide remotely controlled data monitoring for turbine maintenance.

Honeywell will be providing technology designed to improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs of wind turbine systems and Juhl will be providing the field application, installation, monitoring and support.

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“We’re very excited to move forward with this Department of Energy project and to be working with Honeywell on such an advanced system,” stated Dan Juhl, CEO of Juhl Wind. “Juhl has worked with a variety of industry leaders and federal and state officials in the past, but this is the first federal project in which we’ll have an active role.” 

“We currently provide administrative, operations and maintenance services for many of the wind farms we’ve already developed and we intend to provide these same services for a majority of our new projects,” Juhl continued. “If we can find a reliable technology, like Honeywell’s condition monitoring system, our maintenance business will be much more competitive while we also improve the level of reliability we provide our wind farm owners. We expect this portion of our business to grow significantly during the next few years.” 

Juhl Wind is involved with community-based wind farms, developing the financial, operational and legal structure providing local ownership of medium-to-large scale wind farms. To date, the company has completed 14 wind farm projects and provides operations management and oversight across the portfolio.


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