Kyocera solar modules generate 40 MW at Spanish solar power plants

Kyoto, Japan, December 17, 2009 – Kyocera Corporation supplied about 190,000 solar modules, equivalent to about 40 MW, for two newly completed large-scale solar power plants in Spain.

Kyocera supplies its high-efficiency multicrystalline solar modules to Avanzalia – a renewable energy company and one of the leaders in promoting, constructing and capitalizing on large-scale solar power plants in Spain.

Recently, Avanzalia has inaugurated two new solar power plants in the Castile-La Mancha region of central Spain: Dulcinea in Cuenca, and Don Quijote in Ciudad Real.

Kyocera modules, equal to 39.3MW, have been installed and are currently operating, providing renewable energy.

The power generated from these two solar plants combined provides enough electricity for about 17,700 average households in Spain, with the solar modules covering a total area of 338,581m².

Planta Solar de Dulcinea has a total output of 31.8 MW, and Planta Solar de Don Quijote’s output is 15.5 MW.

By taking advantage of the feed-in-tariff system provided by the Spanish government, Avanzalia, in-line with government policies, is aiming to create an ideal environment for solar power use.

Kyocera started its solar energy business in the wake of the first oil crisis in 1973. Avanzalia began installing Kyocera’s modules in 2005.


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