Mass Megawatts goes horizontal in blade design

Worcester, Mass., November 29, 2010 — Mass Megawatts Wind Power, has developed a new blade design for the patented Multi-Axis Turbosystem.

The new development is a change from the vertical-axis wind power blade to the traditional, propeller-style horizontal-axis blade. This will be the mass production model for future MATs.

The blades will be small, lightweight and made of durable construction. For now, they can be purchased “off the shelf”, but eventually the company intends to mass-produce them along with other parts of the MAT.

A most important benefit from this technology is the elimination of the need for a gearbox. By using the wind augmenter and smaller blades, the blade rpm’s will be of such speed to allow for direct connection to an induction generator.

As is well known in the industry, gearboxes are a significant source of problems and machine failure. Omission of this step in the electricity generation process will further reduce cost and maintenance.

Other benefits from this updated design include lower height specifications, reduced noise and vibrations, ease of construction and maintenance, ability to be located on more difficult and lower wind speed sites.

The company will continue to test and refine this model in preparation for plans of mass production early next year.


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