Mercedes-Benz, Vivint Solar collaborate on home energy storage systems

(Photo creditL Mercedes-Benz)

Mercedes-Benz Energy and Vivint Solar announced a collaboration to bring the Mercedes-Benz customizable home energy storage system to the United States.

The two companies will introduce a joint offering that will provide customers with the German engineering and performance of Mercedes-Benz batteries coupled with Vivint Solar’s expertise in designing, installing and servicing solar energy systems.

Vivint Solar has installed solar energy systems in more than 100,000 homes across the United States, but this is the company’s first collaboration to integrate batteries with its offering.

This will also be Mercedes-Benz Energy’s first collaboration with a U.S. solar power provider.

The energy storage systems are based on the same automotive-grade battery technology used in its Mercedes-Benz electric and hybrid vehicles.

With energy storage to complement rooftop solar, Vivint Solar customers will be able to have more control over the renewable energy they generate. In addition to providing a backup power source if the grid goes down, the new combined solution may help customers reduce energy costs.

For instance, in areas with time-of-use electricity rates, customers can store excess solar energy produced by the system during the day in the batteries and then consume it during periods of peak energy usage in the evening and at night when electricity rates are typically higher.

Each energy storage system will consist of modular 2.5 kWh batteries that can be combined to create a system as large as 20 kWh.

Vivint Solar will customize each system based on the customer’s individual energy consumption needs, providing consumers with an important tool to help them manage their energy costs while utilizing clean energy.

California is the first U.S. market where Vivint Solar will offer this solution directly to homeowners. Beginning in Q2, new customers in California will be able to buy the offering outright or finance the purchase, either through one of the institutions Vivint Solar has relationships with or their preferred lender.

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