Nass & Wind, DCNS to install prototype floating wind energy turbine in France

French naval shipyard DCNS and renewable energy producer Nass & Wind said a prototype of French floating wind turbine, named Winflo, is set to be installed in 2014 off the coast of Le Croisic, western France.

The different parts of Winflo will be built in 2013, while assembly and installation will take place in 2014 at one of the testing sites of the French institute for renewable marine energies France Energies Marines.

The construction of the offshore wind turbine will represent the first step towards the creation of a new industry sector in France, according to the companies.

Currently only two prototypes of floating wind turbines have been installed worldwide, in Norway and Portugal.

Winflo is developed in cooperation with wind energy group Vergnet (EPA:ALVER), the French institute for sea exploration Ifremer and the high school for advanced engineering Ensta Bretagne.


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