Nevada Solar Works to build 1.3 MW solar PV project for Reno

Reno, Nev., August 26, 2010 — Nevada Solar Works, a partnership between Q&D Construction, CleanPath Renewables and Alternative Energy Solutions, has won a contract to build 1.3 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects for the city of Reno.

The Reno City Council announced the contract today, approving a 1 MW fixed tilt ground mount system at the Reno-Stead Water Treatment Plant and 295 kW in fixed tilt roof and ground mount installations at five other locations throughout the city.

These projects are being built at no additional costs to the city of Reno. Funding is being provided by a combination of rebates from NV Energy, federal tax incentives, and payments for the energy produced by the array.

It is estimated that these arrays will save the city 2.5 million dollars over the next 20 years, while generating more than 60 jobs in design, engineering, materials fabrication and construction.

Nevada has a tremendous opportunity to create a sustainable green collar economy, and these projects are a great example of the potential for solar in Nevada,” said Scott Gerz, Director of Business Development at CleanPath Renewables.

The city of Reno solar project is the first statewide Request For Proposal to build renewable energy that takes advantage of AB 186, a Nevada state law passed in October 2009 which allows for third-party ownership of renewable energy generation systems.

The new law effectively allows businesses, institutions and governments to purchase solar arrays without upfront capital costs. They can save money by paying long-term fixed rates on the energy generated.

In concert with the NV Energy’s RenewableGenerations Program, AB 186 has paved the way for clean renewable energy projects to be realized across Nevada.

Construction on the first of the seven projects is scheduled to begin in October 2010.



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